Ryan Severns



Influenced by an eclectic variety of music, from the R&B of Stevie Wonder & Brian McKnight, to Gospel / Jazz / Rock / Pop Music, Ryan Severns, AKA “Sevy,” has an underlying goal in his music production, performance, and ministry, to impact & change the lives of others for the better. Ryan has been involved in Christian music ministry for over 25 years, singing & playing drums, guitar, and keys, and loves to create music as a reflection of what God teaches His Children through life’s experiences. Referred to by his colleagues as the “golden tenor,” Ryan enjoys singing up into the stratosphere of his vocal range, for some odd reason. Although Ryan tries to forget about accomplishments that embarrass him, like being hailed the Online Idol in 2003 on American Idol’s leading fan website at the time, he loves defying the odds and allowing God to use an imperfect instrument such as him, to achieve goals outside of the box of what is expected.