Duane Nunnally



Duane Nunnally born in Savannah, Georgia, is the husband of the former Miss Nora Craig of Davenport Iowa, and Father of three (Duane Jr., Antonio and Amanda), and now lives in Rineyville Kentucky.  He considers himself a community asset and works to bring people in this footprint together.

Duane is a singer, who has sung all his life starting at the age of five. He has been a member in groups and choirs throughout his life and still sings a little today.  He currently exercises his talents in song writing and acting.  He has written several songs to include “I Need You”, “The Making A Difference Song”, the title song for the stage play “Every Eye That’s Closed Ain’t Sleep” and the soon to be released “Put God On Top” co-wrote by Music-Producer Danny Freeman. He has also acted in skits and plays that include “The Gift”, “Gleaning”, Every Eye That’s Closed Ain’t Sleep and is in the process of writing plays soon to be brought to stage.

Duane served for nine years as part of the male mentoring group “Brother To Brother” and served as director from 2015 to 2019. Today he serves as Vice-President of the Radcliff North Hardin Minister’s Association, (RNHMA), is an active member of the Bluegrass Sergeants Major Association, treasurer of the newly formed Prestigious Community Investments and is very active with other community activities and organizations in the Hardin County area.