If recording in a studio/home studio

  • Please send us files that are 16/44.1 or 24/48
  • Please send audio that has not had mixing processing applied
  • Be aware that if another studio/individual records you, they will need to give us the complete rights to the audio you record with them.


The process should go like this

  • If submitting vocals, sing the entire song along with the background track using headphones to prevent bleed over of the track on your recording.  You are welcome to submit multiple harmonies, tracks or lead lines.
  • Choose what you want to add (lead, ad libs, harmony), but be aware that only a small selection may be used, if at all. The criteria will be the quality of the performance and how well it fits in the context of the production. However, we want your unique artistry.
  • Please send us 3-4 takes of your best performances, as our producer is very good at compiling vocal takes for a polished feel.
  • You should listen to the background music on headphones, so you can send us an isolated vocal track.
  • It is best if groups can send us isolated tracks, rather than 2-3 people singing into the same device at the same time.
  • So it’s easier to line up, if you can precisely clap along with the beat of the music before you come in, that will help. (please no clapping while you’re singing, haha).
  • All video and audio recordings should be the entire length of the song. (3:48).  If submitting multiple instrument parts, or vocal parts, each recorded track should be the full 3:48 long to make it easier to line up.

If you are recording on a phone

  • If on a later version iPhone, you should have a setting (in Settings app, scroll down within it) to toggle “Audio Quality” from “Compressed” to “Lossless” for your “Voice Memos” app. We need the “Lossless” option, if you have that option.
  • If you have an Android phone, those are all too varied for me to advise you, but please research and see if there is a way to record a “lossless” audio file, or a WAV file on your phone.
  • We will record video later, as if it’s a music video. So, please do not record a video yet. Just concentrate on getting good audio.
  • Please record in a setting where we don’t hear any background noise OR room reflections (a room with a lot of echo or reverb).
  • Check your recording to see if it has over-driven the mic (sounds fuzzy), is too quiet, etc.

Uploading and Rights

  • When your tracks are ready for submission, go to the file manager to upload them here.
  • Please understand that there is no guarantee that your tracks will be included in the final project.
  • By submitting your recordings to Kentucky As One, you are relinquishing all mechanical recording and copyrights to the audio files being submitted.
  • All contributors are volunteers.  You understand that you are submitting your recording free of charge.